Social Responsibility is a core value for Stephen George + Partners (SGP). Our commitment to the environment and social values and the way we embed these commitments across our business – our governance – forms the heart of what it is to be SGP.


Social Responsibility

We have a responsibility to consider and protect the environment in the way we operate our business, and as architects we have the opportunity to positively influence the built environment in which we work. We can add value to society in the way we approach, share and deliver our work. And as an employer, we value our staff, their opportunities and their wellbeing.

Through the work of our Social Responsibility group, the insight of our Sustainability Lead and the guidance of our Board we can ensure this core value is embedded in all we do.

  • Not only do we have a responsibility to consider and protect the environment in the way we operate our business, as architects we also have the opportunity to positively influence the built environment in which we work.

    Our commitment to the environment is key, not only to the success of SGP and our clients, but to the future of our planet. We will ultimately be judged by our actions, not only as a business, but most importantly through the sustainability of our work as architects + masterplanners.

  • At SGP we are committed to working alongside our clients and fellow built environment professionals to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage, alongside promoting wellbeing and biodiversity in the design and delivery of all our buildings.

    Our Buildings group is tasked with co-ordinating resources to support our sustainability as architects.

  • We cannot begin to design and deliver sustainable architecture without first addressing our own carbon footprint. In 2022, SGP set out on our own Route to Net Zero, committing to halve our emissions by 2030 and to achieve Net Zero by 2045 at the latest.

    Our Net Zero group works to facilitate the reduction of carbon emissions across SGP and all our offices.

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  • Architecture is about more than buildings. Engagement with local communities and society at large is key to the success of any project.

    As a Practice we also have the opportunity to directly support the wider community as and where the need is greatest.

  • Architecture is about the long-term. Through our award-winning primary and secondary schools’ programmes, Better Buildings and Stephen George + You, we can engage with, enable and learn from those we recognise as the architects of the future.

    Our Education group co-ordinates the promotion and delivery of our schools’ programmes in liaison with local schools.

    “It has been great working alongside you on Better Buildings, a programme you have all clearly worked very hard on… the children have loved it.” Kelly Horton, Year 4 Teacher, Tardebigge First School.

  • We care passionately about social value. In 2024 we are working hard to support the Trussell Trust and Mind UK, a charity which in turn aligns with investment in our own staff’s wellbeing.

    Our Communities group co-ordinates our charity support as well as facilitating our staff wellbeing programmes.

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  • Social Responsibility and Sustainability is embedded within SGP through our structure, organisation and governance.

    This work is further verified through a programme of external audit and certification.

    As one of our six core values, Social Responsibility is central to both the way we act as a business and in the design and delivery of our work as architects.

    Our Social Responsibility matrix group serves as a catalyst for innovation and continuous improvement, driving our commitment to ethical business practices and design.

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  • Through the work and interactions of our Social Responsibility matrix group, which represents and engages with every part of our business, we are able to communicate and deliver our Social Responsibility plan year on year.

    This collaborative approach ensures that diverse perspectives are considered, allowing us to tailor our initiatives to meet the specific needs of our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

    By fostering open dialogue and active participation across departments, our matrix group facilitates the integration of social responsibility principles into all aspects of our operations, driving meaningful change and sustainable impact.

  • In 2022, SGP appointed a Sustainability Lead, a position confirmed as a full-time role less than a year later.

    Reporting directly to the Managing Partner, our Sustainability Lead, Simon Matthews, now plays a pivotal role in facilitating our commitment to Social Responsibility at SGP.

    With a dedicated focus on sustainability initiatives and stakeholder engagement, the Sustainability Lead spearheads efforts to integrate responsible practices into every aspect of our operations, ensuring alignment with our broader corporate objectives and values.

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Our dedicated Social Responsibility Team, committed to fostering positive impacts within our community and beyond through thoughtful initiatives and meaningful engagement.

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