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20 Dec 2022

SGP Honeybees Have Another Successful Season


Following a successful summer, the Stephen George + Partners (SGP) bees are now prepared for the winter and it’s an appropriate time for a quick word from Andre, The HoneyBee Man:

“The SGP honeybees have had another successful season in 2022. The colony built up its numbers strongly in the Spring which meant we needed to manage the swarming impulse of the hive. This was done by removing the old Queen and one of her many daughters successfully took over the role. This new Queen has been a very prolific layer and as such the colony grew significantly in numbers. This meant a strong start to the Summer period with plenty of pollen and nectar foraged from the fields surrounding the apiary. The honey harvested from this hive has delicious floral notes which we’re sure you will enjoy!”

It sounds like our hive’s second year has built on the success of the first year and even better news is that the colony size has increased with Andre being able to establish new colonies from ours…. Great news in line with our aim to increase the bee population and the ecological benefits this brings!

It was fantastic to receive this year’s honey and we are looking forward to using it to raise money for our 2023 charities.


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