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27 Sep 2021

Great Central Station wins heritage award


We are delighted that our Great Central Station design has been awarded the 2021 Heritage Award from Leicester Civic Society. Hing Ow, Associate, accepted the award at a ceremony at the Church of St Mary De Castro on 18 September.

Says Hing: “This award, to me, represents an important acknowledgement from Leicester Civic Society that the project had taken the right path in its redevelopment. To win in LCS’s 50th anniversary year is very special and, for me, means we have met the LCS’s core value in the preservation of historical buildings: “the re-use of old buildings to inspire its surroundings and bring pride to the City and its residents.”

In addition to all the specialist contractors who worked with skill and commitment on the project, Hing thanked SGP’s client Charles Street Buildings for their belief in the practice’s proposal, the Leicester City Council’s Regeneration, Planning and Highway Departments and the Mayor office for their support in improving the link from the site to the city and for realising the new public space in front of the building.

The Grand Central Station became the focal point of a £60 million masterplan, and SGP’s design not only brought a beautiful building back into the lives of local people, but also reconnected the site with existing urban fabric of the city.

To read Hing’s speech in full, click here.

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