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03 Aug 2021

SGP Core Values


The SGP Core Values of Fairness, Integrity and Social Responsibility lie at the heart of our culture and have been since our formation in 1970. They act as a reminder of our joint responsibility to ensure we make SGP and our wider network an inclusive and diverse place for all.

To support and complement SGP’s Core Values, our inclusivity and diversity group, SGP ID, promotes equality, inclusion and diversity within the practice, as well as providing all staff with a space to feel comfortable enough to talk openly and honestly.

SGP ID embodies the key principles of inclusion and diversity with a series of initiatives aimed to raise awareness within the practice by:

  • encouraging the sharing of personal experiences and cultural values;
  • raising prejudice awareness;
  • delivering school outreach programmes;
  • providing mentoring support;
  • acknowledging and celebrating important commemorations of equality, inclusion and diversity; and
  • engaging with forums such as the RIBA Architecture Race Forum and the Mayor’s Fund for London to help raise awareness externally.

The SGP ID approach to education and raising awareness is the conduit to combat inequalities and strive for positive change in society.

We take a stand against prejudice – in all its forms – and will call out behaviour which undermines our shared values as human beings.

It has been a bittersweet experience recently with the Euros football tournament – so much hope and unity shared across the country being dashed at the very last minute – and the resultant abhorrent racism aimed at Rashford, Sancho and Saka. This was quickly followed by Lewis Hamilton being targeted for online racist abuse in Formula 1.

For the mindless few who felt it was their right to express hatred online, there are thousands more who have called out such vile behaviour and with them, the light of hope prevails.

The SGP ID group, will carry that torch and continue to grow, learn, raise awareness and share knowledge as a collective endeavour, both internally and via our external media channels.

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