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08 Apr 2021

SGP celebrates completion of Starbucks drive-thru in Nottingham


We are delighted to announce that the new drive-thru coffee shop for Starbucks on Queens Drive, Nottingham, has now completed. Working for Project Managers Benchmark Property Ltd, on behalf of The Portal Nottingham Ltd, Stephen George + Partners (SGP) laid out the masterplan for the former Furlong House site, in the Southside Regeneration Area of Nottingham City Centre. The latest phase of the development delivers a 2200 sqft (GIA) Starbucks drive-thru coffee shop and restaurant with parking, service areas, landscaping, drainage requirements, and all associated earthworks.

Michael Barker, Senior Partner at SGP, commented: “It’s good to see this new drive-thru development reach completion and start welcoming its customers. We had previously delivered the 23,000 sqft Dunelm retail unit on the Portal Business Park, and so were aware of some of the issues with laying out the site, particularly the existing infrastructure and easements which dictated the location of the drive-thru. The location of the property ensures easy accessibility for traffic and enhances the site’s overall offering.”

Working to Starbuck’s brand parameters, SGP has positioned the distinctive pavilion to create a clear, defined frontage to the overall development as well as maintaining visibility and permeability to both the neighbouring Dunelm retail unit, Data Centre building and potential future development. In addition to giving an active frontage along Queens Drive, the new structure creates a sense of identity and arrival to the site.

The modern and sleek cladding system of the drive-thru unit links well with the existing Dunelm building, creating a smart and coherent development.

The site is well connected to a variety of transport networks, including car, tram, train and bus plus walking or cycling, and the layout of the site and landscaping delivers clear and user-friendly pedestrian routes from the surrounding area.

Concludes Michael: “The demand for drive-thru stores continues to grow and we are delighted to have played a key role in the delivery of this high-quality development that brings with it important economic investment to the area.”

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