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22 Jan 2024

SGP announces positive start to 2024 with raft of new promotions 

By James Nicholls

Stephen George + Partners (SGP) is strengthening its focus on growth in 2024 with six internal promotions. In addition to Luke Abbott taking up the position of Partner on 1st January 2024, SGP has announced the promotion of Amy Fulford to Principal Interior Designer and James Morris, Jay Silva and Manuel Colombo to Principal Architect. Joshua White and Waseem Osman have been promoted to Principal Architectural Technologist. 

James Nicholls, Managing Partner, explains: “Our focus for 2024 is to continue to grow our business through sector and services diversity, and by expanding our internal expertise including improving efficiency.  

“These goals are built around our core values of fairness, integrity, quality, service, design and social responsibility. We will continue to develop an equal and inclusive environment that allows space to mentor, coach and develop capability, which will, we hope, feed into our continuous drive for great design and efficient delivery of projects. 

“We are committed to encouraging and empowering our staff to achieve their own aspirations and these promotions will support all our staff in exploring new opportunities, skills and technology.” 

Amy Fulford, Principal Interior Designer 

A proactive member of SGP’s Shadow Board, Amy has taken an active role in supporting the growth and success of SGP’s Interior Design team.  

Congratulating Amy on her promotion, Alistair Branch, Partner, says: “As Principal Interior Designer, Amy will continue to build excellent client relationships and successfully deliver projects across SGP’s healthcare, education, office, retail and hospitality and leisure sectors.” 

James Morris, Principal Architect 

James becomes Principal Architect following his continuous output of high-quality design work, including the delivery of a bespoke build-to-suit operator led unit on site.  

Luke Abbott, Partner, says: “With repeated high praise from clients and contractors, James embodies SGP’s values and proactive conduct, including being an active member of SGP’s Shadow Board and taking on the challenging lessons learnt process and general visibility in the organisation.” 

Jay Silva, Principal Architect 

As Deputy Head for the Logistics sector, Jay reinforces our technical know-how in masterplanning and placemaking and has a passion for urban design in general. 

James Nicholls, Managing Partner, comments: “In addition to the delivery on site of an industrial building for a key client, Jay has made a significant contribution to our masterplanning and front-end capability. As Principal Architect, she will continue her commitment to mentoring staff at Part 3 stage, along with being a proactive member of SGP’s Shadow Board.” 

Manuel Colombo, Principal Architect 

Manuel has been promoted to Principal Architect having shown his organisational and communication skills in the delivery and running of several major projects.  

Congratulating Manuel on his promotion, James Nicholls, Managing Partner, says: “Active on SGP’s Shadow Board, Manuel has also contributed greatly to SGP’s internal processes, being proactive in updating checking procedures for residential sector working drawing packages.” 

Joshua White, Principal Architectural Technologist 

Having delivered several complex projects for a key client in London and taken an active role in supporting the growth and success of SGP’s London office, Joshua has been appointed Principal Architectural Technologist.  

James Nicholls, Managing Partner, comments: “In addition to building and maintaining excellent client relationships and contributing to building a strong and cohesive design team, Josh’s expertise with BiM and Revit adds considerable value. Along with his peer group, Josh has also made a valuable contribution to the SGP Shadow Board” 

Waseem Osman, Principal Architectural Technologist 

Waseem has delivered multiple units for a key client on site, working within a team, and taken on the Principal Designer role for various projects. 

Luke Abbott, Partner, says: “A well-deserved promotion for Waseem who always has a positive attitude and outlook, and is always willing to offer support. His championing of a new plug-in software DLM Integrator has been particularly welcomed as it improves the efficiency of SGP’s internal processes.” 

A strong, vibrant and resilient practice 

Congratulating all recently promoted staff, Managing Partner, James Nicholls, concludes: “The markets and trading conditions in 2024 may continue to be challenging, but we believe that by investing in our staff SGP will have the energy and technical strength to grow our practice successfully. To inspire us all, we will continue to build a strong, vibrant and resilient practice where all five offices function efficiently, sharing resources, skills and capability across teams and sectors and collaborate as a single entity in delivering our ambition.” 

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