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Our Services


Architecture is an intrinsic part of the world, and at Stephen George + Partners, we have created millions of square feet of commercial, residential, office, education and healthcare spaces, amongst others.

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Stephen George + Partners can demonstrate considerable experience in delivering commercially viable, market facing, flexible and people focused masterplanning.

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Leveraging our expertise in fit-out and commercial workplace sectors, Stephen George + Partners offers interior design services alongside our established architectural designs. With experience across various sectors, we create smarter office spaces, high-tech manufacturing & industrial buildings, top-tier logistics & distribution facilities, residential and premium healthcare schemes, ensuring the best in modern and attractive interiors.

Broadmarsh Bus Station, Nottingham, BIM Model

The key to a successful BIM project is understanding your requirements. There is a lot of misunderstanding around BIM and what it is, so the key is to collaborate with our clients to understand their specific requirements.

Luton, Griffin House CGI

We collaborate closely with clients and architects to understand their vision and create high-detail, ray-traced images that accurately represent the design. Our visuals, ranging from photorealistic renders to sketches and aerial CGIs, serve marketing and communication purposes, helping stakeholders visualize the project.

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As a Chartered Architectural Practice with national coverage and extensive cross sector experience within the public and private sectors building types, Stephen George + Partners has embraced the new legislation to upskill our technical teams in the new BSA Duty Holder requirements of ‘Designers’ and to provide Building Regulations Principal Designer Services and BRPD Advisor Services to our Clients.

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Stephen George + Partners has over 20 years experience providing Health and Safety advice to End Users (Clients) across the UK, our services are tailored to provide seamlessly integrated risk management solutions throughout both the design and construction process.