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St Modwen Regional HQ

Bristol, UK

This scheme provides a highly sustainable new office development in Avonmouth. BREEAM has been used as a benchmark tool and design guide in the planning of the development. BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and aims to measure the environmental performance of a building by comparing it with its peers.

The building has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.

The buildings have been very carefully designed to use natural ventilation keeping the building cool and comfortable throughout the year. Perimeter windows and central windcatchers provide high levels of natural ventilation to all areas of the building.

High levels of thermal mass in the concrete ceilings are able to absorb heat during a hot day to help keep the offices comfortable. After a hot day, automatic controls open the windows at night, as necessary, to allow the building structure to cool down again, ready for the next day.

Solar control glazing, brise soleil and overhanging eaves reduce solar gain in the summer and help to reduce internal temperatures.

In order to reduce the heating demand for the building, the design incorporates very high levels of insulation. ‘Best Practice’ insulation values (‘U’ values) have been chosen which are much better than the minimum required by the Building Regulations. This helps to reduce heating energy use and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.

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