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Ministry of Information

Muscat, Oman

Proposals for Tender Competition

The form of the building is strong, robust and imposing, referencing principles of the Omani forts, rising out of the ground on a heavy plinth, with monolithic forms composing the main structure.

The plan takes on a classic ‘H’ form with dynamic central atrium spaces that are a key spatial connection between the various departments.

Each atrium has its own classical formal configuration; twin lift towers and staircases frame the entrance atrium, while the meeting atrium has a circular void with crossing platforms, private lift and ‘central oasis’ water garden at the base. This simple arrangement allows the public and users to understand the clear hierarchy of public and private space, generating a clear legible pathway through the building.

The building is designed to be highly efficient with low external environmental impact whilst providing an optimum internal environment for its users.

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