Dock 2 Pioneer Park, Leicester

Dock 2, Pioneer Park Leicester, UK

The office and workshop spaces in the Dock 2 development will complement the existing, very successful Dock facility which houses start-up units for small businesses.
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    Brackley Property Development

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    Office + WorkplaceScience + Innovation

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  • Region

    Leicester, UK

Dock 2 Pioneer Park, Leicester

SGP’s design creates a strong single volume, similar to that of Dock, while accentuating key features such as stairwells, entrances and communal spaces.


While the building has a long overall form, the verticality is celebrated through the design of the elevational treatment, and careful window placement delivers natural light to every unit, even after sub-division.

The overall aesthetic of the site is an industrial one, with the dominant material being a built-up cladding system, with a Sinusoidal profile. Staffordshire Blue brickwork to the ground floor, as a base for the building, is a direct nod to the existing Dock and the local architecture typology.

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