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The annual SGP Autumn Conference, held the first week of September, was a huge success.

13th September 2023

An opportunity for a whole gathering of the Practice bringing together our four geographic office locations: Leicester, London, Leeds and Birmingham. The event focussed on the emerging design challenges that we face as an industry. How can we collectively respond? How are we doing now? The session began with presentations from each office that reflected on current and recent projects, which focused on the innovation and collaboration that fuels the Practice in all of the sectors that we work in.

An invited guest speaker, Rob Purdy, offered us some illuminating messages on the importance of considering materials, fabrication and making in all of our design decisions.

The conference ended with a light-hearted and fun award celebration organised by SGP’s Social Group. There was a range of awards from the Interior Decorator Award to the Green Thumb Award.

We then had the opportunity to catch up with one and another from all our offices during a BBQ. The people and culture of SGP make us who we are, and we are proud of all the achievements we make together.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience whilst we closed our offices for the day.