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Stephen George + Partners expands Loades Ecoparc with new £1.5 million unit

6th November 2018

Stephen George + Partners LLP (SGP) has completed work on the latest addition to Loades Ecoparc at Exhall, Coventry. Commissioned by Loades Plc, this c. £1.5 million unit has been designed to attract high technology engineering and manufacturing tenants, as well as being suitable for logistics use.

The bespoke 14,700 sqft (1,365.6 sqm) Unit D is a continuation of Loades Ecoparc, retaining the pre-established style and material language and ensuring continuity with the existing units.

Says Phil Dodd, Associate: “During the design stage and even during construction, the client, Loades Plc, has been very keen to provide and maintain the highest of quality levels in all materials chosen; from cladding or roofing materials to the type of shower heads.”

A relatively small bespoke facility, the unit is sub-divided into two, with a two-storey core in each. The main feature is the entrance, accentuated with Rockpanel Chameleon cladding, whose colour changes constantly from green to orange and bronze tones, depending upon the individual’s distance and perspective, the time of day and, of course, the weather.

SGP promoted a holistic design approach, which encompassed the site context, environmental impacts and building design to deliver an energy efficient and sustainable development. The design for Unit D also incorporates a greater than usual area of landscaping, providing green spaces and breaking up the hard landscape.

Concludes Phil: “In this smaller-scale scheme of units we see evidence of the higher level of quality compared to other industrial units, making it suitable for high technology engineering and manufacturing, as well as logistics use. The level of detail, choice of materials and the design language and philosophy, all make this new unit not only a seamless addition to the Loades Ecoparc but a quality building for its ultimate end user.”