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Stephen George International Visit Belarus

7th June 2010

Stephen George International was invited early in 2010 to join a delegation from Nottingham businesses to meet with the Univest-M group of companies in Minsk to examine new development opportunities in the city.

Universe-M are proposing a new large-scale residential development close to Minsk to accommodate a population of 22,000, which they are calling ‘Nottingham’. The scheme is the largest development project in Belarus and will involve the design and construction of retail, commercial, community, education and health care facilities.

This development is the priority project of the Univest-M Group and aims to ‘bring together British and Belarusian culture’ in a ‘traditional approach’ to residential development.

Stephen George International, with others, have been invited to return to Minsk and continue the very positive and constructive ‘round table’ conference to bring about the realisation of ‘Nottingham’.