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Introducing Matilda Marku, Architect

12th September 2023

Having recently introduced Alex and Josh from our London Office, we are now pleased to introduce Matilda Marku…

Passionate about the built environment, Matilda believes in good design and making sure that buildings respond to their context and are fit for the purpose. She brings effective cross-discipline communication skills, particularly with client teams, to ensure a successful collaboration. Currently working on LON14 and LON12 Mission Critical Data Centres, Matilda is also involved in managing and training younger team members.

“As an architect running projects, particularly within the data centre sector, my role often involves designing, collaborating with different teams internally and externally and guiding the client through some of the decision-making processes. I get excited about new projects and new sectors. Working with a new team, overcoming new challenges and learning from them is fundamental to your growth as an architect.”