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Hednesford Town Centre Regeneration with Tesco

28th November 2012

Stephen George & Partners was appointed by St Modwen Properties plc in 2004 to design the town centre regeneration of Hednesford.

The approach to the regeneration of Hednesford Town Centre is established by the redevelopment of two dilapidated sites at each end of Market Street; the primary retail frontage in Hednesford. This approach is intended to enhance the current retail offer as well as revitalise links between them in the form of Market Street and Hednesford Park, both of which are currently under-utilised.

The main catalyst for the redevelopment is the provision of an 84,000 sqft food store for Tesco. The store is built on stilts with the main retail floorspace elevated at first floor and the main entrance lobby providing travelator, lift and stair access. This approach not only provides a high density site coverage, but also nearly a third of car parking spaces are concealed behind the entrance lobby and under the store, therefore minimising the number of car spaces on general view.

In addition to the food store, the Phase 2 redevelopment comprises a 36,000 sqft Retail Terrace to provide a diversity of retail offer to attract customers, 10,000sqft Community Centre replacing the dilapidated dance hall, a new relocated facility for the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association and a relocated bungalow.

The scheme also incorporates the re-alignment of Victoria Street to provide a suitable development site to bring the food store and retail terrace forward as well as a relocated bus facility to serve the town centre.

Phase 1 comprises of a 2 storey 9,000 sqft Retail terrace with multi use at first floor that continues the urban grain of Market Street. Behind the Market Street Retail terrace is a 16,000 sqft Food Store, a new Bingo facility; relocated from the Phase 2 site and a further Retail Terrace of nearly 6,000 sqft.