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Exteriors CGIs

Stephen George + Partners (SGP) work closely with the clients and architects to understand what the images are representing, the story they are telling and the response the client wants to evoke.

The images here have been created in collaboration with landscape architects and the architectural team.


The Level of Detail is high, with accurate materials creation and close attention to details and landscape information, such as suitable planting and textured and coloured hard landscaping.

These are high-end ray traced rendered images, realistically simulating the lighting of the scene, and depicting physically accurate reflections, refractions, shadows, and indirect lighting.

Gigafactory CGI

Engaging and attractive images are a vital aid in marketing a scheme and encouraging buyers or renters to look positively at the buildings and their context.

The buildings and site can be fully modelled, or we can blend existing photographed images to create photomontage CGI’s.

Bournemouth Aviation Park - Plot 3 CGI
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