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Our Mission

To continue to grow the business, increase diversity and improve efficiency and to be a responsible employer, creating a business culture that reflects our core values.

Value Proposition

We Care – About our staff and our clients’ needs. Some of our clients have been with us for well over a decade, in some cases double that, and it is the same with our employees. We genuinely want to do what we can to enhance all our relationships.

We Challenge – In a fast-changing world, we believe it isn’t enough to satisfy the status quo, we must challenge all assumptions to constantly improve in the work we produce and the environment we produce it in. We want our employees to be able to challenge the way we do things so we can excel in design and productivity.

We Deliver – Whether it be a quick turnaround to assist a client or a design to meet a particular set of requirements, we will do what it takes to meet and exceed expectations.

Core Values

Fairness Impartial treatment of all without discrimination. Providing an open environment where all are encouraged to offer ideas. Being consistent in our approach.

Integrity Honesty. Doing what we say and saying what we do. Being open, clear and direct with one another.

Quality Working to the highest possible standards to ensure consistency across everything that we do including the following two values.

Service Offering the best possible assistance and advice to our clients. Going the extra mile to ensure all deadlines are met and key criteria considered.

Design Maintaining the highest possible architectural standards, giving us the freedom to undertake exciting projects and to create great places.

Social Responsibility We believe we have a responsibility to society and will give freely of our time to help others.

Inclusion / Diversity

At SGP we celebrate diversity and strive for inclusion resulting in a rich and diverse mix of people. We are proud of the work our SGPID (SGP Inclusivity & Diversity) group have done, having had several talks ranging from personal stories to educating others on certain subjects. We regularly have cultural weeks, where we celebrate the home country of a member of staff sampling food and drink along with understanding more about its culture. This has all resulted in a mix of people that we are incredibly proud of to call colleagues and friends and share our day-to-day work with.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

SGP is proud to be a supporting practice of the Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum (AMWF) and we are now in our third year of celebrating Mental Health week,  providing various activities to raise awareness of these issues to all staff. We have had guest speakers talking about their experiences along with other seminars on mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. In addition to this we have mental health first aiders across all our offices who are ready to help should the need arise.

Career mentoring / Progression

We are keen that all our colleagues can map out their goals and aim to always create an environment where employees can flourish. Our performance management system enables regular, open, conversations about individuals’ aspirations, both short and long term. So, whether it is a personal challenge of continues improvement or job satisfaction, both parts of personal development, we want to find out your objectives. Between the PMS sessions you’ll have regular 1:1’s with your line manager to discuss any issues or clarify any objectives you are aiming for.

Our culture

SGP’s culture is one of openness and opportunity. Engendering an environment where questions can be asked enables the sharing of knowledge and a greater understanding of where colleagues might be struggling. All our senior management team sit alongside staff throughout our open plan offices – no longer is the door always open, there is no door! We encourage any employee to come forward and share their interests in Knowledge Forums, for which we’ve had talks about sailing, cosplay to once in a lifetime trips abroad. Opportunity is always present at SGP; we actively encourage all levels of staff to come forward with new ideas and present to the Board. Even if it’s a no, we’ll provide you with constructive feedback to come back again.

Social Responsibility

  • We are very strong believers of our responsibility to our communities and the environment. Because of this we have put several projects into action.
  • We are members of the Planet Mark and are continually assessed to cut our carbon footprint year on year.
  • We are award winners in the work we carry out with school children, introducing them to the construction industry and the options they have for a career in the sector
  • We sponsor our own beehive and produce honey for our staff and clients
  • We do food collections for food banks
  • We hold regular meat free Mondays


We need to be constantly aware of changes in our industry and digital / technological innovations in the world. To do this we have set up a futures group who’s remit is to report back on the latest progress in innovation and see if we can utilise it in the work we do.


We are incredibly proud to be a holder of the ISO19650 standard which recognises the standard we work to in our digital environments. We offer a diversity of levels of delivery of information ranging from 2D to BIM Level 2 modelling.


Should you be looking to join us, we offer the following benefits:

  • Pension
  • Permanent Health Insurance – Should you fall ill whilst working for us, we will pay your salary, in full, for the first six months. Should you continue to remain ill, after a review, you may go on to receive half your salary until the day you return to work.
  • Private Health Care – This is offered to all Associates, Directors and Partners.
  • 34 days holiday or 35 if you are Associates or above.
  • Flexible working – We offer the opportunity to choose your start and finish time from several time options and to work from home two days in a week, should it be agreed by your line manager.


At Stephen George + Partners, we employ talented architects and technical staff on a diverse portfolio of exciting projects. We are also always interested in meeting new architects and students who might want to bring their talent and ambition to our team in the future.

We are committed to a positive employment policy, and actively encourage our staff to take training and promotion opportunities.