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Design a House Online Competition

June 2020

SGP, and sustainability education specialists, Brief Cases from The Heaven Company, have created a fun competition for all budding architects to get creative and design a house for a client of their choosing – and the chance to win up to £100 in Amazon vouchers!

We put together a fun little brief to keep both children and parents entertained during lockdown isolation and beyond. The competition is open to two different age groups 8 to 11 and 12 to 15.

To give your children full freedom of imagination and expression, we are even asking them to ‘create’ their own client and site location for their house! So whether designing a ‘house for a hero’, an athlete, a nurse or a favourite superstar, your kids can draw it on paper, grab the safety scissors and make it from cardboard or use their favourite computer programme to bring their ideas to life.

Kanti Chhapi. Studio Director at SGP said: “It’s incredibly important to keep young minds actively engaged at a time when they are subject to all manner of social restrictions that can prevent learning. Children have some amazing ideas and at a time when housing delivery and housing design are being hotly debated at national level, we thought it was time for the children to be consulted! The aim of our mini-brief is to get children’s design skills flowing and to think about an effective home layout for a client of their own choosing. They simply need to sketch their designs and layouts and share them with us.”

To view the brief and for further information, visit: https://www.stephengeorge.co.uk/competition-design-a-house/

Entries can be found at: https://www.stephengeorge.co.uk/competition-entries/