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Salalah Free Zone – Administrative HQ

Salalah, Oman

The new Administrative HQ is a state-of-the-art operational building for the Salalah Free Zone. It is the first key building to be built on the Adhan site east of the Port of Salalah.

The design incorporates atrium, restaurant, café, meeting spaces, gardens and exhibition areas.

Designed to echo the culture of Oman, its key focus is to be welcoming and friendly, meeting the needs of the Salalah Free Zone, its clients and investors. During design development, the building was nicknamed ‘Embrace’ by the design team as the arms of the building that wrap around the agora gardens are analogous of the open arms of welcome, drawing visitors into the interior of the building.

With its impressive corner rotunda and landscaped surroundings, the building will stand out like an oasis in a desert, setting the standard and level of expectation for the following development.

The building and its surrounding landscape are conceived as a hierarchical series of linked spaces moving through the site past the main entrance pavilion and visitor reception and then onwards into the interior of the development. This is a building that does not reveal all its secrets at once; it is conceived as a progression of enjoyable experiences.

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