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East of Exeter Energy Centre

The East of Exeter Energy Centre has achieved Practical Completion
21st September 2012

Stephen George & Partners are pleased to announce the East of Exeter Energy Centre has achieved Practical Completion.

The BREEAM Excellent Energy Centre is the first phase of the wider Skypark Business Park at Exeter Airport. Providing 30,000 sqft of floorspace for E.ON Sustainable Energy the building will house a biomass combined heat and power plant providing renewable heating and electricity to the adjacent 3,000 home Cranbrook development and the Skypark Business Park.

Located centrally between the two developments, the building has been designed to provide a distinct memorable form with minimal visual impact.

All processes, including storage, have been internalised and integrated into the building to provide a clean, crisp envelope to the industrial processes within. The building envelope itself echoes the innovative renewable technologies contained within by creating a dynamic, exciting form which sits comfortably within the landscape.

In addition to the power plant the building contains ancillary offices and a first floor visitor centre to promote renewable technologies.