Richard Smyth Staff Photo

Richard Smyth

Position Partner
Location Longbridge
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Richard heads SGP in the West Midlands Region and his role includes financial, resource and project management, driving design quality and inspiring and motivating staff to progress and be passionate about what they create. Specialising in Logistics and Masterplanning, Richard is proud of developing and maintaining excellent working relationships with significant clients, and the continued growth of SGP in the West Midlands region.

He is Head of and Partner responsible for SGP’s Design Matrix Group, as well as being active in the Masterplanning (Partner responsible), Delivery (Collaboration with Design), and Business Development (West Midlands Partner representative) Groups. He supports and encourages team members to excel in the workstreams they are passionate about, creating both happy staff and clients.

Away from work, Richard enjoys travelling, spending time in France, and walking the dog with his family.