Prashanth Manohara Staff Photo

Prashanth Manohara

Position Junior Information Manager and BIM Coordinator
Location Leicester
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Prashanth offers Information Management, BIM Coordination, and BIM support across various sectors. He actively participates in the ISO19650 Surveillance audits, collaborating closely with the Lead Appointed Party Information Manager and the Appointed Party Architectural Task Team Manager. His responsibilities involve Information Management, model management, collaborative support, clash detection and resolution, and the systematic capture of lessons learned to enhance future projects.

Prashanth is passionate about digitization and its transformative power to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and precision, ultimately revolutionizing traditional construction processes and paving the way for innovative, sustainable, and technologically advanced building solutions.

Prashanth is proud of his academic achievements, including Skills Bootcamp in Digital Construction, MSc in Construction Project Management with BIM with Advance Practice, and his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. His aim is to achieve buildingSMART Certification to improve his skills and knowledge base in openBIM and help establish Digital Twins of the SGP Leicester office.