Bed Rodwell Staff Photo

Ben Rodwell

Position Architectural Assistant
Location Leeds
LinkedIn benrodwell/profile

Passionate about the intersection of technology and automation within architecture, Ben produces drawings, BIM modelling, and visualisations for projects in the healthcare sector. In addition to his core responsibilities, Ben spearheads efforts in automation and process optimization using software such as Rhino/Grasshopper and Dynamo, seamlessly integrating advancements to enhance project workflows. He is also the Revit Champion for our Leeds Office and helps with BIM processes and training within the Leeds Office. Ben is involved in SGP’s Arch-Viz Matrix Group, specialising in automation and standardisation whilst offering guidance on future plans for the Arch-Viz team in the practice given his extensive use of Arch Viz Software.

As Sector Library Manager for Healthcare, Ben maintains the asset library for the sector whilst also actively pioneering new tools tailored to both healthcare applications and broader practice needs. Although on the surface his roles and responsibilities may seem vast and varied, it is his skill in automation that has facilitated him to not only fulfil his responsibilities but challenge the standards and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Ben’s unwavering belief in the transformative power of technology underscores his vision for a more streamlined practice. By liberating valuable time from repetitive tasks that is the architect’s day to day, he champions a shift towards Client/ End user-centric design, aesthetic innovation, and sustainable building performance. Through his dedication, Ben exemplifies a profound commitment to advancing our practice towards excellence, where technology serves as a catalyst for meaningful change.