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  • WINNER 1ST PLACE Riddhi (Age 5)

    “Like the colouring used within the drawing, it’s very impressive for a five-year-old”
    “It’s charming… lots of attention to detail”
    “Relative scale and portions are drawn very well”
  • WINNER 1ST PLACE Maxwell (Age 13)

    “Budding Architect”
    “Beautiful greenery”
    “Nice how it’s set into the hillside”
    “You can read the clarity of the building straight the way”
  • WINNER 1ST PLACE Alfonso (Age 11)

    “Love the full rationale”
    “Sleek and contemporary with some very strong architectural ideas”
    “Like the connection of interior and exterior space”
    “A plausible building with a contemporary feel to it and the plans are very good”
  • WINNER 2st PLACE Thomas (Age 8)

    “I love the 3D presentation using Pixelcraft”
    “A lot of work has gone into this”
    “Great spaces with changes in levels”
    “Well thought through and like the relationship between inside and outside space”
  • WINNER 2ND PLACE Mia (Age 10)

    “Like that Mia has thought about who is going to live in the house and why the space is required”
    “Terrific imagination... Amazing”
    “Socially/Environmentally awareness”
    “So comprehensive, so much work and effort”
  • WINNER 3rd PLACE Sam (Age 8)

    “Love that it’s been designed and built”
    “Love the 3D house and that he brought the design to life”
    “Well thought through with initial sketch, with different levels and then followed through with a lovely model”
    “Interior environment due to being on the moon”
  • WINNER 3rd PLACE Abi (Age 10)

    “Budding Interior Designer”
    “Lots of thought given right down to the flooring and wall coverings”
    “Wonderful handwriting, so clear”
    “Like the attention to detail”
  • WINNER 3rd PLACE Rowan (Age 11)

    “I like the detail in the sustainable tree house”
    “Wonderful detailed narrative is great – it takes you through the building in a detailed way”
    “Rowan has an excellent understanding of scale”
    “In terms of communications, he’s thought about how people would read the plans... door and window positions are very good”
  • SPECIAL MENTION Luke (Age 11)

    “Very visually and graphically strong”
    “You can imagine being somewhere in the Alpes/beautiful resorts”
    “Well set out with how it’s been presented”
    “Get a sense of lifestyle... it's Beautiful”
  • SPECIAL MENTION Elliott (Age 11)

    “The colours are so vibrant”
    “Looks very nice”
    "Very well presented"

  • SPECIAL MENTION Nayna (Age 8)

    “Nayna has included in the elements you need”
    “Imagine it to be a transformer car”
    "Nice idea"
  • SPECIAL MENTION Ruby (Age 8)

    “Budding Interior / Set Designer”
    “Very sweet”
    “Love the creativity”
  • SPECIAL MENTION K. Ball (Age 10)

    “Nice plans”
    “Good how she has thought about the client, who they are, what they like doing and the location”
    “Like the inclusion of gender, age, height, budget as you get an idea of who the client would be”
    “Creative language used”  
  • SPECIAL MENTION Ball (Age 8)

    “Nice strong walls... the space has been through through"
    “Fantastic that he has included elevations”
    “Excellent that he’s also included the client and budget”
    “Fantastic how all the services are all together on the ground floor”