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RIBA Architecture Ambassadors Workshop

June 2019

n April SGP’s own RIBA Architecture Ambassadors, Nita and Fiona, gave Year 5 children at Sparkenhoe Community Primary School in Leicester a hands on taster of architecture design. In a workshop focusing on “the space around us”, teams of children were asked to design one of various public buildings, including fire and police stations, a hospital or a library. 

Explains Nita: “Fiona and I had a meeting with the teachers to come up with ideas that would work with the school’s curriculum. Initially we were looking at the space outside, linking with the school children’s recent visit to the National Space Centre, and designing how to live on a rocket. In the end, we all preferred to look at more definite views of the space around us and how it works for us.”

Nita and Fiona started the workshop by showing the pupils some of their own architectural drawings, and, in groups, looking at how to take a design from a brief to construction. The children then had 20 minutes to design their building, before using the rest of the two hour workshop to make a model out of materials such as plastic bottles, toilet rolls and cardboard.